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Doing Business in Cyprus

Cyprus offers many competitive advantages including a robust and transparent regulatory framework and an attractive tax regime. Being part of the single European market which enables a company based in Cyprus to enjoy free movement of goods, services and capital. Cyprus has more than 60 double tax treaty agreements and 40 European Union trade agreements. It might be the perfect choice to start and scale a business.

As a Cyprus based company we know the business environment of the country to an expert level. We understand that the island has become a business and investment hub over the last decade, attracting many international entrepreneurs that want to do business in or from Cyprus and as an entry point to the European Union.

Our job in this area is to initially understand your needs and your vision, and then acting on your behalf we make sure you start doing business in Cyprus in the right way.

We can help you setup your business and complete operations, find local providers and solutions or identify the ideal investment opportunity.

We are the key that unlocks all the potential Cyprus has to offer for an entrepreneur.