Company Profile

Founded by Stavros Angelides, an E-Business consultant with 17 years’ experience, SAE Business focuses on supporting companies develop their online brand and positioning in the market.

The services we offer are based on our years of genuine hands-on experience and expertise in professional web development, online brand positioning and E-Business.

Following our plan your business will reach new heights of success. Differentiate yourself from your competitors by developing and building a strong online presence as a company. This in turn will build reliability, credibility and a clear, direct connection with your target audience. We have the skills and experience to build trust for your brand online as this is the key factor in getting potential clients to engage in business with you.

With a team of experts in every field and a clear, concise plan of action we will work to develop or revamp your website following the E-Business approach. Our approach puts business first and utilises E-Business concepts to ensure you have the most effective website possible.

We will guarantee your website projects a professional image and looks great  but our mission is more than that. It is to build the RIGHT website for your business and industry.


Target Customers

We have developed of expertise and strong knowledge base over the years by working with clients in specific industries. This means we can specialise in niche areas and guarantee high value and quality in our services. As a top consulting firm we are aware of the type of businesses we can add value to.

We welcome companies that provide:

  • Corporate services
  • Banking services
  • Lawyers and legal advice
  • Financial services
  • Brokerage
  • Investment services
  • Real estate services
  • Consulting services
  • Insurance companies and insurance consulting services
  • Oilfield services
  • Energy
  • International business and exporters
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial services
  • IT services


Real Investment

Choosing to work with us offers you the opportunity to genuinely invest (reasonably) in services of added-value and even more importantly you’ll have the support and know-how of experts in the field of Web Development & E-Business.

Our experience will add value to your business. We will become part of your team whilst we develop and complete your project and we will provide you with invaluable advice and guidance for building your brand online.

We spend considerable time and effort investing in our team, learning new skills and widening are already extensive knowledge. We analyse and research your industry in depth and apply our proven methods to help you grow.

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