How a good Website Design paves way for a Successful Online Presence

By: Stavros Angelides | November 17, 2013 | Articles

Designing a clean corporate site is a multilayered undertaking. What follows below are a few parameters that form the basis of website designing and help impact your business.

Given the digital shift in the past decade, the influence of online media on corporate life is inescapable.  People choose the online medium as their source for information for it is easily accessible. Businesses in today’s age host their services through online platforms to optimize their services, provide a better customer service that is devoid of communication gaps. Hence it is imperative for every small-big business to create a digital presence by way of a website that effectively communicates all relevant information to potential customers. Note that a well designed website scores a considerable bracket of user base and consequently, profits.    

Designing a clean corporate site is a multilayered undertaking. What follows below are a few parameters that form the basis of website designing and help impact your business.

A Clean Design:

Developing a crisp design facilitates easy navigation and a user friendly interface.  A simple and clean design helps user grasp information quicker and will harness a sense of seriousness among users. Too many visual enhancements will only give an appearance of clutter. A few parameters that one should keep in mind when creating a web design are efficient use of colour tones and graphics, a branding for your business and meaningful content to echo your services are parameters

Clarity of Communication:

A corporate website is your first and only opportunity to create a profitable impression on the visitor. To open gates of communication via a web design, use features like an add-on search bar. This will make the information on your website more accessible. If a potential consumer finds the information he is looking for in a matter of seconds, you’ve done your job right. For instance, ensuring displaying tabs like ‘About Us’, ‘Our Services’, ‘Privacy Policy’, ’Social Media’, ‘Contact Info’, etc in a prominent fashion. This will trigger the desired action from visitors. Developing this connectivity and transparency with your users is crucial in building a trustful equation with the consumer base.

The Browsing Experience: 

No doubt, a specialized and creatively designed website is always visually appealing. Good graphics will rouse your users to linger around for longer. A smooth browsing experience induced with illustrious ideas will build a curiosity among users to check what else is up on offer. However, bringing a design of such value to life requires the web developer to measure technical feasibility. Factors like browsing speed and ease of navigation should always be a priority when finalizing the design. You will also have to ensure that your web design is compatible with all the commonly used browsers.

Economical Viability

Owning a Website and designing it to reach corporate perfection is a far more economical than marketing your business via Print Media. A website knocks off the need of printing flyers, re-runs, battling geographical constraints and more. While being more reasonable, it also gives you a better reach in context to consumers, sales and revenues.

Achieving these milestones in website designing require interpersonal projection, probing possibilities and evaluating the processes at every point. Lastly, you must ensure delivering what your consumers are seeking for and consequently creating a powerful call to action.