Important steps in professional website development

By: Stavros Angelides | October 30, 2014 | Articles

A corporate website is one of the most powerful tools your business has in today’s Internet-dominating world. It is the cornerstone of your online marketing strategy: the location where all your leads land and are converted into new customers, the online representation of your brand, and the practical tool that makes it easier for the customers to make orders or access the information they need.

With that in mind, your goal is a professional business website that successfully performs all of the listed functions. How professional your website will be is not determined only by the web development company you hire or the website design you create. One of the pillars of professional website development is organizing the process correctly and thoughtfully. Here are the key steps to follow when creating your new corporate website.

Step 1. Analysis & Plan

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Why your website should be User-Friendly and how to achieve that

By: Stavros Angelides | October 01, 2014 | Usability

When you are starting a web development project for your company website, what is your priority? The look? The load speed? The functionality?

Each of the mentioned goals is equally important, but very often to achieve them, you would sacrifice the most crucial thing: usability. Any web design company will tell you that no matter how stunning your website looks, if it is not easy enough to use, the visitors will not bother trying to figure it out.

The art of professional web development is combining a beautiful look of your website with valuable features and absolute simplicity of use. Here are several key elements that make a user-friendly web design.

1. Space

Naturally, your business has a lot to say

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5 Good Reasons to Redesign Your Corporate Website

By: Alice Kotlyarenko | November 27, 2013 | Articles


Like any other business today, your company has a website. As long as it works, you probably don’t see why invest into web development of a new website. But if you think of your corporate web page as the only thing online users judge your business by, you might want to reconsider. The Internet is an incredibly fast-evolving environment, and if your website does not evolve along with it, your business will be missing a lot of opportunities to attract new customers.

If you are not sure whether or not hiring a web design company for a revamp is justified, here are five good reasons to assign a part of your marketing budget for professional web development of a new site.

1. To Make Your Business Look Up-to-Date

Web design is not unlike fashion: new trends appear every year, and if the design was created a decade ago, it is obvious. The Internet users are very picky about the websites they choose to trust. An outdated web page is often thought to be n

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How a good Website Design paves way for a Successful Online Presence

By: Stavros Angelides | November 17, 2013 | Articles

Designing a clean corporate site is a multilayered undertaking. What follows below are a few parameters that form the basis of website designing and help impact your business.

Given the digital shift in the past decade, the influence of online media on corporate life is inescapable.  People choose the online medium as their source for information for it is easily accessible. Businesses in today’s age host their services through online platforms to optimize their services, provide a better customer service that is devoid of communication gaps. Hence it is imperative for every small-big business to create a digital presence by way of a website that effectively communicates all relevant information to potential customers. No

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Want to make the most of your business? Consider a well designed website.

By: Stavros Angelides | September 20, 2013 | Articles

Before going into the nitty gritties of the importance of web-designing and why it must be seen as a crucial tool, it remains as our standard responsibility to remind you that in this age that is fueled by the internet, having only an offline business may not be enough for the success that you’ve been looking for. The world has opened up to a wider audience base and you can expect your clients to approach you from another corner of the world and this should come to you as no surprise.

It is of utmost importance for you to have a business website and a proper one at that with an apt business web design replete with killer business copywriting as your business website can make or break your business. And while doing so, you’ll have to place as much emphasis on the copy as you’ll have to on the design and navigation as while content is still the king, this just serves as one side of the coin, the other being, an aesthetically gorgeous website design without which the primary objective of interesting your readers, enough to make them stay on your site, will not

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Advertising online through pay per click text adverts

By: Stavros Angelides | May 07, 2013 | Articles

The evolution of the internet into a medium for the masses has opened new doors to companies to reach their target market. Today there are a number of ways to target your audience online, all of which require the use of various techniques and a well coordinated internet marketing strategy.

A very popular online advertising model is the pay per click (PPC). PPC adverts are short text advertisements that can appear along the top, side or bottom of a web page or search engine results page. When featured on search engine results pages, the pay per click advertisements are targeted to the particular keyword that the internet audience types in. Compared to traditional advertising, PPC advertising is a cost effective way to advertise. It provides measurable results and the cost can be controlled since the advertiser can set a daily budget and is charged only when the web users cli

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Online Brand Building

By: Stavros Angelides | January 03, 2013 | Articles

It's not just about your website, it's about your brand

Business websites are built so that a company is able to establish a presence online, to reach new clients, to serve existing clients and of course to add value to the brand by finding a better "position" in the consumer's mind.

Unfortunately, although this is how a business website should be perceived , from a branding point of view, this is not always the case with most companies.

Branding identifies how your company is perceived from a consumer point of view, this is simple to understand. However, the issue here is that you are not alone in the industry. Your company constantly finds itself in a battle to reach the best position in the consumer's eye. Once a consumer has been drawn to your website it is here the battle begins to keep your brand identity in their thinking.

The difference between designing your business website just to have a presence online and building your brand online is about as similar as black is to white. Building a brand online

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"Professional" adds value

By: Sarah Nocon | January 02, 2013 | Articles

How does your business website rank on the professionalism scale?

Fact 1: People don't all have the same taste, and people don't all see things from the same angle.
Fact 2: Professional is not about taste or an individual way of looking at things. Professional adds value and it brings results.

Is it just about design?

No, it isn't. It's also about your clients and potential clients, and what they want. They won't judge you purely on your website's design and they won't be impressed by animation and music if they can't quickly and easily find the information they're looking for. They want to get as much detail as possible about your products or services without having to read through pages of text to try to find the answers to their questions. There are other smart ways too!

etting involved as a business right from t

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Improve your websites performance

By: Sarah Nocon | January 01, 2013 | Articles

It has been mostly observed that the money required to drive traffic to your site is marginally more than that required for conversion into customers. People can be drawn to your site through advertising, internet marketing activities and search engine optimization.

What is website performance?

It has been mostly observed that the money required to drive traffic to your site is marginally more than that required for conversion into customers. People can be drawn to your site through advertising, internet marketing activities and search engine optimization.

Turning visitors to customers is done through "website optimization".
Website optimization is a data-driven methodology you can use to make your website more efficient at enticing, cajoling, and otherwise encouraging visitors in order to reach yo

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